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Watermelon Edibles

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About Watermelon Edibles

When it comes to cannabis edibles, there are myriad options — you can make everything from weed brownies to weed gummies. But if you're looking for a more refreshing option than chocolate, watermelon edibles could be right up your alley. There is not much space for experiments, when it comes to watermelon edibles. So, usually one thing that changes is the percentage of THC concentration in them.

The most popular form of watermelon edibles is watermelon gummies. There are plenty of options available in the market, however, we picked 3 best companies (in our opinion) and really want to share their taste with you.

All companies: Willo, Pixieplums and Buudabomb are masters in their field. Their gummies are fully filled with fresh and naturally sweet watermelon taste. However, they use different ingredients and add THC from diverse strains.

Willo uses Indica derived THC in their wonderful watermelon gummies. They also include winterized CO2 full spectrum oil. Lab-tested CO2 full spectrum oil is used to make THC distillate even more pure. It also keeps your gummies fresh for a long time and is absolutely unharmful for your health.

Pixieplums and Buudabomb keep their recipes a secret, yet their watermelon edibles are known as organic and vegan-friendly. What we know for sure is that concentration of THC in them is much higher than in the Willo gummies. This makes them quite a potent way to start your journey in the canna world.

It doesn’t matter which one of them you will choose (or buy all three packs), we will gladly take them to you as soon as possible anywhere in Canada.

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