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Buudabomb Gummies

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About Buudabomb Gummies

Yes, you read it right, not Budda, but buudabomb gummies. Buudabomb has marched its way to popularity thanks to outstanding quality and taste. Their gummies are definitely worth trying since they are 100% natural and THC infused. Your key to heaven's door.

The buudabomb gummies are vegan friendly and possess a mouthwatering juicy taste. The range of flavors is truly surprising — anything from ordinary (yet delicious) green apple to tropic mango guava mix.

You can choose not only from various flavors of premium buudabomb gummies but also between Super PureTM Distilled THC dose in them. THC in buudabomb gummies is a hybrid of Sativa and Indica and that makes it a perfect edible for any time of the day. Each pack has 10 gummies. Here are possible variants:
100 mg per pack — perfect for beginners. Makes you feel uplifted and light;
250 mg per pack — more potent option, yet you won’t be couchgrounded;
500 mg per pack — highly potent pack, take with caution.

If you are not up to buudabomb gummies it’s ok. They also have 300 mg chocolate. You can be sure to find something that will suit you among their products. We appreciate each of your choices and will be happy to fastly deliver your order right to your door anywhere in Canada.

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