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AAA Weed

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About AAA Weed

AAA weed is always in demand since it has the perfect amount of THC to keep you high while does not really hit the price. AAA in the title stands for the quality of the product according to the special A-AAAA grading system. What is important is that it tests not the quality of the strain, but the quality of a specific batch.

Along with moderate THC and CBD levels it has a pleasant appearance with colorful hairs and full of visible trichome crystals. The aaa weed is also famous for its pleasant, sometimes citrusy or fruity aromas and low side effects.

A good representative that is a frequent guest in this grade is Purple Moonshine Strain. As it is expected from a medium quality indica it gives you gentle kick and keeps your body relaxed. Delicious fruity smell complements the picture and makes Purple Moonshine Strain at least worth trying.

If you are trying to be more productive and energized at the end of the week then Cereal Milk By Cookies strain is your choice. It is a new sativa-dominant strain that gives you all you can expect from its title —milky and ice cream odor along with delicious flavor. It will make you more creative and focused in no time since it is quite potent.

AAA weed is not worse than other grades, it just means that it is less potent and less expensive. Such a grading system only gives you a general overview on the specific batch, so you can feel free to try various strains and find the one that will suit YOUR needs and budget.

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