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Kush Kitchen


About Brand

Kush Kitchen provides a number of different products and different dosages, all depending on how much you’re in the mood for.

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About Kush Kitchen

You can easily purchase Kush Kitchen products from an online dispensary such as KingCrop. For those that are looking for regular cannabis flower, there are several different strains offered:

  • Do-Si-Dos
  • Cookies and Cream
  • G-Mints
  • Pink Bubba
  • Blue Lime Pie
  • Orange Cakes
  • Layer Cake
  • Death Tuna
  • Grape Lime Ricky
  • Tropical Fuel
  • Gas Peddle

For those that want a light, 200mg taste of chocolate:

  • Kush Kitchen Banana & Caramel Bar 200mg
  • Kush Kitchen Milk Chocolate & Almond Bar 200mg
  • Kush Kitchen Milk Chocolate & Toffee 200mg
  • Kush Kitchen Cookies & Cream Bar 200mg
  • Kush Kitchen Milk Chocolate Bar 200mg
  • Kush Kitchen Mint Dark Chocolate Bar 200mg
  • Kush Kitchen Strawberry & Cream Bar 200mg

400mg to 1000mg Cannabis-infused chocolate:

  • Kush Kitchen S' mores Bar 1000mg THC
  • Kush Kitchen Birthday Cake Bar 1000mg THC
  • Kush Kitchen Banana & Caramel 400 MG
  • Kush Kitchen Chocolate & Almond 400 MG
  • Kush Kitchen Chocolate & Toffee 400 MG
  • Kush Kitchen Cookies & Cream 400 MG
  • Kush Kitchen Milk Chocolate Bar 400 MG
  • Kush Kitchen Mint Dark Chocolate 400 MG
  • Kush Kitchen Strawberry & Cream 400 MG

Kush Kitchen also offers several different candy options:

  • Kush Kitchen Lollipops 100 MG
  • Kush Kitchen Lollipop Soda 4 Pack
  • Kush Kitchen Lollipop Island 4 Pack
  • Kush Kitchen Gum Pops 180 MG
  • Kush Kitchen Cotton Candy 150 MG
  • Kush Kitchen Hard Candy 150 MG
  • XL Kush Kitchen Gummy Bear 250 MG

KingCrop is a website that allows you to buy cannabis online, offering fast weed delivery. An online dispensary is a much faster way of getting your cannabis if you don’t have the luxury of living close to one in your vicinity. Weed delivery has rapidly grown in favor of cannabis users, and its popularity isn’t slowing down. KingCrop is a well-organized website that groups cannabis strains based on what mood you want to feel.

If you’re looking to feel happy, simply click “happy” on the website, and you’ll be directed to a list of different cannabis strains that most commonly have that effect on users. If you need to remain focused, do the same thing and you can find strains that’ll have an effect that'll boost the concentration levels.

You can also order edibles, concentrates, vape pens, and other miscellaneous gear. Another added bonus to KingCrop is that if your delivery arrives later than the estimated time of arrival, then you’ll get two joints that are already pre-rolled, completely free of charge.

For those that enjoy chocolate and cannabis in the same package, Kush Kitchen comes with so many different varieties that it’s hard not to find one that you would enjoy. They are also producing new products quite frequently, and their S’mores bar has recently hit the market. Their Birthday Cake bar is known to be a bestseller, and that one sits at 1000mg. The wide assortment of lollipops come in a few different flavors and are sure to please candy lovers with the pasties.

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