Weed Delivery
in Kleinburg

Weed delivery Kleinburg is here! Marijuana is a fantastic plant, and now that weed delivery Kleinburg has its own dedicated website, ordering it and receiving it within the hour has never been easier. Here at KingCrop, all orders are delivered right to your front door within the hour. No more waiting days upon days to get your stache. Nor will you have to continuously visit sketchy pot shops and corner stores, dealers. This is the real deal, and it could not be more awesome. With the ever-growing marijuana market, KingCrop has improved its services tenfold.

Free Delivery

We do not charge a delivery fee for Vaughan & Richmond Hill. Use our delivery checker to see if we deliver to you!

Late Delivery = Free Lollipop

If delivery driver arrives any later than 90 minutes after your order was confirmed we will give you FREE
200 MG Lollipop

90 Minutes Delivery

We have a number of delivery drivers situated around our Service Area area to ensure we get your order to you as quickly as possible.

  • $80Minimum Order
  • 1Hour Delivery

Delivery Area

We deliver in King City, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Aurora, Nobleton, Newmarket, Bradford, Tottenham and other cities. You can check your city here to see if we deliver to you:

  • $80Minimum Order
  • 1Hour Delivery


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All you need to do is fill out our order form. In doing so, you’ll be telling us your delivery address, your name, your postal code, and any special delivery instructions you may have. For first time customers only, we need proof of age and identity. Either a driver’s license or passport will work. In sticky situations where neither are present, we may also accept birth certificates and some form of photo identification to go along with it. Do keep in mind that we will refuse to serve you if you provide us with a health card, as we do not accept them as valid forms of identity.

Payment Requirements

We take proving your identity very seriously. As per the current Canadian laws, we are only able to serve those that are aged 19 or older. This is not a company-specific policy, but instead, a government-enforced one. Do keep in mind that we do not suggest you order for someone under the legal smoking age. The laws surrounding this are the same as drinking laws. One other really important fact you need to know about our service is that we will decline your order if it is under $80.

So how does our decline/approval service work? Well, your order is sent right to our dispatchers. These dispatchers will then inspect your order for validity. If your age and identity are confirmed, and the order itself is above $80, you will be approved. Your order will then be shipped directly to your house by one of our operators. On average our service takes under an hour, but during rush hour it may take somewhat longer (this is out of our control, we apologize for this inconvenience).

For More Information

KingCrop is open 24 hours a day. As a disclaimer, please note that our services can no longer be found under weed maps Kleinburg, but instead, on this website alone. Weed delivery Kleinburg is the go-to informational page for this service. All other information sources are outdated. For more information on weed delivery Kleinburg and weed maps Kleinburg, please contact us as soon as you can and we’ll do everything we are capable of solving your issue. Questions, comments, and concerns are also welcome. Please leave a review and let your friends know what we’re up to!

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