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Weed Delivery in Lloydtown

Weed delivery Lloydtown has now been transferred to its own website and is no longer on weed maps Lloydtown. Although you may still find the listing, the information there may not be as accurate as you wish it to be. Buying marijuana online is usually a very complex and difficult process. But this time, it is not. KingCrop offers one of the most user-friendly delivery services in all of Canada. Their services are high-quality, they are always promoting customer satisfaction, and in the case that you are for whatever reason not happy with your order and not satisfied they will do everything in their power to resurrect the issue and solve it.

Weed Delivery Kingcropdelivery


In order to get started with KingCrop, there are a few things you will need to do. First things first, if you have not proven your age you cannot order anything. In order to prove your age, we will require a passport or a driver’s license that has been updated recently in terms of photo identification and one that is of course not expired. In the case that your passport or driver’s license is expired, or the photo identification does not look like you, we will deny you’re a request for age confirmation. If you are planning on proving your age you need to know that health cards are not a valid option when it comes to legal identification.

Weed delivery process kingcropdelivery

More About Delivery

Our services require very little information from you. Firstly, we will definitely need the location of the drop off point. Without this week cannot bring you your product. Next, we are going to need your name, your phone number, your email for receipt purposes, and any special delivery instructions you may have. The phone number and email are optional, however, we do need at least one method of communication so that when our delivery operators get to the designated location they can contact you should you not be there. Upon delivery, they will also need confirmation that it is you so that you can rest assured your product will not be going to a random person on the street.

When it comes to special delivery instructions, you can ask us to do almost anything. Within reason, your options are nearly limitless. Whether you want the weed dropped off under a bush or near your back door to hide from your landlord or guardians, we have got your back.

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For more information

All in all, if you need more help or more information our door is always open. Feel free to communicate with us at any point throughout the day as our hours consist of the entire 24. If you enjoyed using our services we would greatly appreciate it if you left us a review or a testimonial to let others know just how well this service works. Thank you for using our business, it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

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