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Buuda Bomb


About Brand

The majority of people want to enjoy all of the perks and benefits that cannabis has to offer without dealing with any of the associated toxins that sometimes come with inhaling it. With edibles, you can still enjoy all of the cannabis benefits without dealing with the negative.

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About Buuda Bomb

Some of the products Buuda Bomb offers are:

  • Strawberry gummies
  • Green apple gummies
  • Mango gummies
  • Peach gummies
  • Grape gummies
  • Blue raspberry gummies

If you’re looking for something more potent and a little stronger:

  • Watermelon blast
  • Strong yogurt explosion
  • Pineapple thunder
  • Rippin red raspberry

If you’re feeling like chocolate:

  • Himalayan salt dark chocolate

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With beginnings that started out with much research and foggy nights at various 420 events, a considerable market gap was noticed when it came to edibles. Many of the edibles that were created came dosed with a massive punch of THC but didn’t focus on other things like how good they tasted or how well they were packaged.

Getting high can be a fun experience, but not to the point where you aren’t able to function and still need to get to work. This was when the Buuda Bomb founders decided to start the journey of making their own edibles.

Many different recipes were tested and tried to formulate just the right gummies. Handmade, fully organic, and the perfect THC level has made Buuda Bomb edibles a popular choice among cannabis edible lovers.

Buuba Bomb believes that having a good time with cannabis doesn’t have to come with sacrifices. The company wanted to create a great product that would smash through and exceed the expectations of anyone that gets the opportunity to try it out.

Some of the things that Buuda Bomb believes in are:

  • Customer service that will have you feeling positive.
  • Using the highest quality products.
  • A product where the taste doesn’t have to be compromised.
  • Promoting a thoughtful lifestyle with responsible cannabis use.

Buuda Bomb has a simplistic dosage guide that states exactly what dosages to use and recommends that users stay patient before diving into too many edibles at once.

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