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Exotic Weed

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About Exotic Weed

Exotic Series is a unique collection of unusual canna strains. Experienced cannabis growers come up with rare genetic hybrids by combining canna strains that grow in hard-to-reach places. Weed exotic has special traits that distinguish it from other strains.

At our shop you can find two amazing weed exotic strains: Guava Jelly and Pink Gelato Strain and be sure that our stock will grow.

You may also wonder what makes them so special? It is simple, they give you new effects that you can't expect from regular strains.

Guava Jelly is perfectly balanced to keep you focused and gently relaxed at the same time. It has a pleasant taste and powerful effects. Guava Jelly is a complex mix of four canna strains: OG and Strawberry Kush, Wedding Cheesecake and Durban Poison. Pink Gelato Strain in its turn leaves you more relaxed and happy since its effects are focused cerebrally. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain made by combining Pink Kush with Gelato #33.

Both exotic strains possess extraordinary appearance since they are a unique genetic mix of rare strains. Exotic strains are also famous for their pleasant aroma. You can forget about nasty smells and enjoy tropical and fresh vanilla aromas. Be sure to get exotic weed of high quality — all exotic strains are hand-trimmed.

We deliver exotic strains and other high-quality products in a timely manner all over Canada. When you choose us you can expect top quality service and fast delivery of exactly what you ordered.

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