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About Brand

In March 2020, Willo recognized the increase in stress, anxiety, and depression among many people.

About Willo Cannabis

Willo’s mission is to put the potential back into people’s lives. They manufacture edibles that taste great, are top quality, and effectively assist people in becoming the best version of themselves.

Cannabis-infused gummies:

  • Lullaby Lavender 200mg
  • Lovely Lime 200mg

Cannabis-infused Chocolate:

  • Night milk chocolate 500mg (indica)
  • Night dark chocolate 250mg (indica)

When Willo realized that people being cooped up in their homes could have a negative effect on mental health, they decided to step in and do something about it. Willo believes that people should have the ability to do self-care without the insane prices that some companies have for their products on the market. Anyone who decides that they want to take action in gravitating towards the best version of themselves should be able to do that.

Willo states that their products are manufactured with the most premium cannabis that can be chosen and disregarding anything less. Licensed extractions that are all in-house ensure that the entire process is consistently regulated from start to finish.

For those that aren’t looking for a high, Willo also has CBD products that are derived from the highest quality hemp. They are a mild mood enhancer that will assist those that deal with ongoing pain and inflammation throughout the body.

Willo is fully licensed under the Health Canada Cannabis Act and all of the applicable cannabis regulations in Canada. All of the products are tested for bacteria, metals, residual solvents, insecticides, herbicides, and pesticides. After the products are tested in-house, they are then sent out for third-party testing.

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