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Juicy Jay's

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About Juicy Jay's

Roll-your-own (RYO) devotees pay a lot of attention to the Juicy Jay’s. It is a top-selling worldwide brand of flavored cigarette papers. It has not always been so. The history of the company started in the late 80’s in New York when Joshua and his friends were looking for a famous hip hop artist LL Cool J. That day Joshua gained his first nickname ‘Cool Jay’ which later inspired him to create his first menthol flavored papers.

Much water has passed under the bridge and Juicy Jay’s holds top positions in various ratings and has more than 30 flavors from simple fruit tastes to exotic alcohol inspired like Root Beer. Juicyjays gained popularity for several reasons. First of all, juicyjays rolling papers are fully-flavored. This means that the flavors are evenly spread on the entire paper and not only on the gum line.

Juicy Jay’s was the first company that invented the Triple-Dipped System. Thanks to this their flavors have perfect balance, they are not overpowering yet quite mouthwatering and leave pleasant aftertaste on your lips. The juicyjays rolling papers are being dipped in the flavor and then soaked for more than a week for your tasty experience.

Moreover, juicyjays rolling papers are made from natural ingredients such as hemp and natural sugar gum. Even little prints with corresponding taste are made on them with soy-based ink. These facts favorably distinguish Juicy Jay’s apart from its competitors and is very pleasing for environmentally-conscious canna lovers. Juicy Jay’s rolling papers are also extremely thick, so you should be extra cautious while making a roll with them.

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