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500mg THC Chocolate Bars

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About 500mg THC Chocolate Bars

Whether you love chocolate, weed, or both, we’ve got something for you. There are some amazing products that combine the two — cannabis-infused 500mg thc chocolate bars. Like the good old days when getting stoned meant hitting a bong and eating a candy bar. Well now it’s easier than ever because the only thing better than cannabis-infused fruits and vegetables is chocolate!

Weed chocolate bars are just like normal chocolates, yet they contain Tetrahydrocannabinol — principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis. As you can already guess a 500mg thc chocolate bar contains 500 mg of pure lab-tested THC or premium winterized CO2 full spectrum oil. This means that each chocolate square contains 21mg THC. Finally, you can perfectly dose your cannabis experience since most of the bars are handcrafted in small batches.

Companies are eager to use only 100% natural ingredients as well as think of new amazing tastes. Amongst 500mg thc chocolate bars you can find various types of chocolates from regular milk chocolate to white Cookies & Cream bars or melon-tasted chocolates.

Note of caution: despite its harmless appearance, a 500mg thc chocolate bar can really carry you away since it is one of the most potent options in the canna-edibles market. Remember to start low and watch your reaction. It can take time, so don’t rush things. 1-2 pieces will be enough for a first time user.

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