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Pixie Plums

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About Pixie Plums

The pixie plums is a new, yet already famous company, which makes THC saturated products. Pixie plums stuff is really dedicated to what they do, that’s why they use 100% natural material only as well as extremely potent pure THC oil.

The pixie plums gummies have already conquered the world. Its juicy tropical taste along with moderate canna punch is really something. A lot of different flavors are available, anything from routine yet delicious strawberry to mind blowing exotic durian.

Gummies made by pixie plums are a good example of a premium quality. Absolutely everyone will like them, regardless of the experience of using cannabis and even age. Their taste is designed to take you back to childhood, which you will enjoy even more thanks to the content of THC. Various THC dosages are here to make you happy and relaxed:
250 mg of THC
500 mg of THC
525 mg of THC
1000 mg of THC

Moreover, pixie plums have not only gummies but also chocolates of all kinds and flavors. Try exploring yummy pixie plums and we will take care of the rest. You can be absolutely calm that you will receive your package right in time, thanks to our fast delivery!

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