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Faded Edibles

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About Faded Edibles

Faded is a young, yet professional team that grows, gains popularity and respect by leaps and bounds. They produce premium bud runs, cannabis concentrates and weed edibles. Faded team has necessary commitment to excellence and closely monitors the process of creation of each of their products to ensure unquestionable quality and effectiveness.

Cannabis-infused faded edibles became popular because of their stunning sugary appearance and powerful punch they have. Each bag of their sweets contains 6 juicy gummy like candies, powered with 30 mg each (180 mg THC per bag). Patients, who tried faded edibles report that they experienced long-acting and potent pain relief, as well as full body relaxation.

Faded edibles encourage both medical and non-prescribed use because they are infused with pharmaceutical grade THC oil. Faded candies are also known for their mind blowing taste. They taste just like candy from your childhood but with weed infused flavors such as cola, blue raspberries, strawberry and much more.

Amongst other faded edibles you can find baked goods and even beverages. Their cannabis-infused products are made with patience and dedication to their life's work from premium quality materials. As faded are proud of their production, we are proud of our delivery system that is one of the fastest in the area. Feel free to choose anything from the great variety of goods that we sell and be sure that you will receive exactly what you ordered ASAP.

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