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Weed Delivery in Woodbridge

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We do not charge a delivery fee for Vaughan & Richmond Hill. Use our delivery checker to see if we deliver to you!

Late Delivery = Free Lollipop

If delivery driver arrives any later than 90 minutes after your order was confirmed we will give you FREE 200 MG Lollipop

90 Minutes Delivery

We have a number of delivery drivers situated around our Service Area area to ensure we get your order to you as quickly as possible.

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Weed Delivery in Woodbridge

Weed delivery Woodbridge is here! Are you tired of sitting around in lines, waiting for weed that’s going to barely get you buzzed? Well, if you answered yes, you’re about to be in for an awesome treat. KingCrop now delivers marijuana right to your home. Every order is guaranteed to go swiftly, and take virtually no time at all. Our operators are trained in professionalism, responsibility, and so much more. Not to mention our products are some of the best in the country. Hundreds of strains, dozens of products, all up to be chosen by you. In order for your order to be approved by one of our highly trained and super professional dispatchers, it must be above $80, and the strains you want must be in stock. Do keep in mind that we only serve customers aged 19 years or above.

Our Process and Methodologies

The overall process is actually quite simple. All you need to do is send us the exact details as to what you want. Quantities of which specific strains, how many products (such as grinders and bongs and whatnot), and any special delivery instructions. You can request to have your product dropped off at a specific spot, or even to be given to a certain person. Speaking of the person buying, you’ll need to provide us with your phone number and address as well. It’s basically the same process as when you go out and order a pizza. When your order arrives at your address, you’ll be called by one of our operators. You can choose to be texted or emailed rather than called, but it’s honestly up to you. Special delivery instructions can be as detailed or complex as you want. Just be sure to be clear and concise so our operators don’t get confused.


Our services are open 24 hours a day, and the same goes for our helplines. In order to get started with our services, we need to be sure that you’re of age. In Canada, minors are not allowed to purchase or consume marijuana. There are very few occasions in which minors can use CBD products, but they are in no way attributed to our business. In order to prove your age, you’ll need to send us a valid Canadian Passport, or a valid Canadian driver’s license.

For More Information

We would like to point out that weed maps Woodbridge no longer exists. Weed delivery Woodbridge has moved to this website and this website alone. For more information about weed delivery in Woodbridge, we strongly welcome you to approach us in any way you prefer. Whether it be by email or phone call, we are happy to help. For whatever reason, if you are unhappy with the product you’ve purchased, we are happy to provide you with compensation and/or a solution to the problem. Enjoy your weed and light up! Leave us a review if you can.

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