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Weed Delivery in Schomberg

Weed delivery Schomberg has arrived! Weed maps Schomberg has now been replaced by weed delivery Schomberg’s dedicated website and web page. So you want to get weed right to your house? That is a super simple task for us here at KingCrop. The overall process is easier than it ever has been before and it’s certainly easier than any of our competitors. All you need to do to get weed delivered right to your front door is provide us with some basic information about yourself and then what you actually would like to order. The first bit of basic information we require is legal age identification. We require this piece of information because we do not serve minors. According to Canadian laws, as of 2020, minors may not purchase marijuana and that applies to our service as well. The legal documents we accept when it comes to proving your age are a valid Canadian passport with an updated photo, a valid updated driver’s license with an updated photo, and finally, a birth certificate with any form of photo identification. Do you keep in mind that we do not accept health cards as a valid way of proving your identity, nor is it a great way to prove your age?

Payment Requirements

Once you have proved your age we will require basic information such as your name, your address, your postal code, your preferred method of communication, and any special delivery instructions. Once we have this basic information you are free to send us an order at any time. Our company is open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once you placed your order, the approval process begins. So what is this approval process you ask? Well, the approval process is undergone exclusively by our dispatchers. Our dispatchers will take your order and check whether or not it is valid. By valid we mean it must be over $80 and your age must be verified.


One of the most requested special delivery instructions we get is dropping off products to someone other than yourself. And that’s OK, but, we do need their identification as well. The person you want to drop off so you cannot be a minor. It is basically the same guidelines set as alcohol. If you prove that this person is over the age of 18, we will provide the product to them as long as we have direct consent from you.

Side Effects

Using marijuana is generally a very safe thing to do. However, there have been instances where people experience negative side effects. These negative side effects tend to be very common among beginners, so if you are trying this for the first time we highly recommend you do not try alone. We also recommend that you do the research as to how much weed you should consume before doing so. It often depends on your age, on your height and weight, as well as how much you ate that day. If you experience any negative side effects that last longer than three or so hours we recommend you give your doctor a call so you can get some advice as to what your next steps should be.

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