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About AAAA Weed

AAAA weed aka quad weed is the cannabis of the highest quality possible. To understand whether a batch is worthy of a 4A rating, it goes through a lot of different laboratory tests. It is the specific batch being tested, not the strain itself. Surely, aaaa weed also has impossibly high THC concentration (in some strains it can be more than 30%), pleasant or unusual appearance and adorable smell.

Most of the aaaa weed strains are a genetic mix of other strains dominated by either Sativa or Indica effects. Pavé Strain, for example, is a mix of The Menthol and Paris OG. What is also interesting, this strain was introduced by the famous rapper. As other premium quality aaaa weed it possesses delicious fruity aroma and causes no side effects.

Another good representative of aaaa weed that we have in stock is Pink Petro. A unique indica dominant mix of three other strains will launch you into space in no time. Nice heart-shaped nugs are covered by clearly visible white trichomes. Just one look at Pink Petro makes it clear that you have the highest quality cannabis in front of you and that its effect will be extraordinary and will affect both mind and body.

We have these and other aaaa weed strains in stock to help you treat anything from chronic pain to depression. It doesn't matter whether you want to relax or to be more energized, you can find the strain that will perfectly suit your needs in our shop and we will be pleased to deliver it to you anywhere in Canada ASAP.

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