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Quad AAAA Weed

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About Quad AAAA Weed

AAAA Weed or Quad Weed is la creme de la creme in the weed world. The quad aaaa weed is the top quality marijuana available in the market. Four A’s in its title is a part of the A-AAAA grading system. As you can already guess this system is used to grade canna quality. The final grade depends not only on THC level but includes other factors like trichome density and even ash color.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A-AAAA grading system is not about overall strain itself but about the quality of a specific batch. This means that even commonly associated AAAA grade strains like The Sour Diesel Strain or LA Confidential can be of AAA quality or worse depending on the specific batch.

With the quad aaaa weed prices can be really high, however they are absolutely justified. Not only premium quality is guaranteed but also extremely strong effects and nice odor. The Unicorn Poop Strain, for example, is famous for its citrusy notes and ‘unicorn’ is in its title because if it is grown correctly a layer of trichomes makes it shine.

There is an enormous variety of quad aaaa weed in the market, as well as in our store. Feel free to experiment and to find the perfect strain-grade balance that will make you happy. If you want a fast kick and smooth relaxing aftertaste try Pink Revenge quad aaaa weed. If you are up to a productive day — Garlic Sherbet Strain is at your service with its gentle, yet powerful clear-headed euphoria effect.

We can get your quad aaaa weed of choice to you in no time anywhere in Canada. The top shelf cannabis means not only crazy taste and smell with powerful effects but also purely client oriented service.

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