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We do not charge a delivery fee for Vaughan & Richmond Hill. Use our delivery checker to see if we deliver to you!

Late Delivery = Free Lollipop

If delivery driver arrives any later than 90 minutes after your order was confirmed we will give you FREE 200 MG Lollipop

90 Minutes Delivery

We have a number of delivery drivers situated around our Service Area area to ensure we get your order to you as quickly as possible.

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24h Weed Delivery in Aurora

Whether you’re simply looking for a buzz or a medicinal fix, KingCrop has got your back with weed delivery Aurora. Never again will you have to stand awkwardly in lines surrounded by people that give you the creeps. Never again will you wait absurdly long behind a counter, just waiting for someone to serve you. You can say goodbye to the low-grade weed you’d get at any regular old pot shop. Here at KingCrop, we serve the highest quality weed on the market. We don’t cheap out on our products. They’ve grown appropriately. They’re cared for by experts, and the products are methodically prepared afterward. Here at KingCrop, we provide a unique service. The instant delivery of weed. And when we say instant we mean within the hour. Unlike other delivery services that make you wait days or even weeks, we do it within the hour. A timeline that simply cannot be beaten. Want to buy some weed off of us and get it delivered? Send us your passport or driver’s license for proof of identification and legal age. We don’t sell to minors so if you’re underage this informational page is definitely not for you.

Our Process and Methodologies

KingCrop services are open all throughout the day. 24 hours, 7 days a week. Send our dispatchers an order and we’ll have it at your door within the hour, guaranteed. All orders above 80 dollars are delivered free, and all orders under said specified amount is denied. Apologies, but we don’t accept anything under that target. Our operators will send you a nice little text when they arrive at your chosen location. Either that or an email or a call. It’s really up to you. You can leave as many special delivery instructions as you want. Our operators and drivers will follow them to the best of their ability. Don’t want your door knocked upon? Or your bell rang? That’s not a problem. Want us to hide the product in a tree and send you a picture? Not a problem. Leave us the note and we’ll get it done.

More About Brand

Weed maps Aurora no longer exists. All updated information can be found on weed delivery Aurora’s new dedicated webpage, which is of course found within KingCrop’s new dedicated delivery website. KingCrop is a pro when it comes to customer satisfaction. Need something fixed? They’ll solve your problem. Got the wrong strain? No problem, they’ll send you the right one and may even let you keep the initial delivery.

For more information

For weed delivery aurora, please contact one of our dispatchers. They’ll teach you the ins and outs of the process, and provide you with any details you may be missing. Feel as though something is missing from our informational page for the weed delivery Aurora page? Don’t worry, contact us and we’ll fix it.

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