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Disposable Pens

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About Disposable Pens

A disposable weed pen is a discreet and simple way of getting high without all the hassle. Gone are the days of having to pack a bowl, buy papers, or settle for rolling joints and papers.

All you need is a disposable pen with a tank and cartridge inside of it, which lasts anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on how many times you puff and in case of the pens we sell it can be recharged and used again since it has a powerful 530mAh BBTANK battery unit.

The main technology behind disposable weed pens is a combination of several innovations. Most pens or vaporizers work by heating organic compounds, such as oils or waxes, until they are vaporized into a gas. When the gas reaches sufficient temperature and pressure, it's then inhaled in the same manner as smoke from burning chemicals.

Disposable weed pens produced by Willo have a perfect quality-price balance. They possess not only modern and nice-looking design but also delicious taste with no odor, since it is not smoke, it is vape!

You can choose between 100% naturally derived lab-tested CBD or THC distillates. In addition, you have a choice to add terpenes taste from various strains. CBD disposable weed pen has 2 options to choose from, while THC disposable weed pen has 9!

If you wonder how to use a disposable weed pen here is a simple guide:
Unpack your new fastly delivered THC or CBD disposable weed pen; Heat it;
Vape, enjoy and get high.

Recommended dosage is 2-4 puffs but you can experiment within reasonable limits since Willo disposable pens don't contain additional unhealthy chemicals and are safe to use.

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