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1000mg Edibles

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About 1000mg Edibles

The 1000mg THC edibles is a great way to get the THC effects quicker than with other cannabis products such as hash oil or budder. It is perfect for people who are looking for THC based relaxation and pain relief but without smoking it, hearing unpleasant weed smell and consuming it full-strength.

Usually, 1000 mg edibles packs contain 10 gummies with 100 mg of THC per dose, which means that the effects of this product are mild, but efficient and powerful. You can easily calculate your daily dose and find your own sweet spot. The 1000mg edibles come in small bags so it is easy to carry around and easy to eat whenever you are.

The 1000mg edibles are made from pure, potent extractions that are safe for consumption and have no adverse effects. However, it is important to remember that too much THC can lead to serious side effects. Although THC edibles usually feel stronger and longer lasting than smoking cannabis, the recommended doses are still the same. Always start low (1/2 - 1 gummy, for example) and increase dosage if needed.

We are looking forward to providing our customers with the best thc products on the market. The edibles we offer are based on extracts of the highest quality, 100% organic ingredients and all products are batch tested before being manufactured. We pride ourselves on offering unique flavors & potency unparalleled in the industry. And we have accurate and fast shipping for all orders within Canada.

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