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Pineapple Edibles

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About Pineapple Edibles

While the pineapple is most commonly associated with summertime, it can represent more than just a cocktail garnish. In fact, pineapple offers a variety of health benefits and is worth trying in your weed consuming experiments. Pineapple, especially when it is infused with weed, is a perfect way to get high if you are not a sweets fan and don’t want to mess with blunts, joints and other canna inhaling methods.

There are not a lot of pineapple edibles available. The vast majority of companies produce pineapple gummies. However, there is also an ability to try dried pineapple edibles packed with 100mg of THC in them but they are not always in stock.

We offer you different types of pineapple edibles. All packages contain 10 gummies with different THC concentration. Preppy Pineapple Willo gummies contain 200 mg of Indica derived THC per bag. They are the lightest pineapple edibles available, however, you should not underestimate them.

Pineapple Buudabomb Thunder has 250 mg of THC in it. Their gummies are made with 100% vegan and organic ingredients. Each piece is covered in special powder so you can enjoy adult fun without being annoyed by sticky fingers. Rich splash of pineapple taste can easily carry you away.

Tropical punch Willo gummies aren’t exactly purely pineapple but still worth trying. They are truly ‘heavy artillery’ since they contain 500 mg of Sativa derived THC per bag. Even ¼ of a gummy will be enough for a beginner to feel energized for the most part of the day.

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