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Watermelon Gummies

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About Watermelon Gummies

Canna edible products opened a whole new world for experienced weed users as well as for complete newbies. It is always easier to start your therapy from something more ordinary and more appealing to you. Here is where watermelon gummies pop in your life. Sweet juicy taste along with therapeutic canna effects create an amazing snack that can blow your mind up.

In our shop you can find 3 types of watermelon gummies and we are absolutely sure that you will love at least one of them:
Willo watermelon gummies;
Pixieplums cannabis-infused watermelon gummies;
Buudabomb watermelon blast.

Willo watermelon gummies are a must have for those who have sleeping troubles. Each package has 10 gummies infused with 200mg of Indica-derived THC per bag. Winterized CO2 full spectrum oil is used during the process of gummies creation to ensure the purity of their taste and power of the THC effect. This oil is used to chemically separate THC from unnecessary fats and acids that ruin its taste.

Buudabomb watermelon blast contains 250mg of THC per 10 gummies package. They are all made from organic, vegan-friendly ingredients and possess a nice juicy taste. It is advisable to store your packages in the dark and cold place to ensure their jelly consistency and refreshing taste.

Pixieplums watermelon gummies are more a hardcore option since they contain 500mg of pure THC distillate per bag (50mg per one gummy, 10 in a bag). They can easily transport you from your couch to tropical island so don’t get too carried away. Always start low (0,5 or even 0,25 of 1 gummy) and see how it goes.

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