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Pineapple Gummies

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About Pineapple Gummies

Weed edibles are cannabis-laced foods and drinks that make the experience of canna use much more potent. Some people describe eating weed as a whole new level of high, that is not necessarily all about getting intoxicated but rather immersing yourself in a meditative, spiritual, or even psychedelic state.

There is another side to edibles: sometimes it can be easy for someone to accidentally overconsume weed edibles such as pineapple gummies and get too high. So here comes a little safety warning:

DO NOT eat more than 2 pineapple gummies at once. It is even better to start with a half of a gummy or less, just to see how it works on you. Remember, it takes time to feel edible effects. Just sit down and relax, do not be in a hassle.

The effects of weed edibles can vary greatly each time they are used. Some weed edibles produce an euphoric high and make you more relaxed, while others might make you more energized and talkative. This means they can be great for socializing if things start getting weird.

We have a great variety of pineapple gummies in stock. Each produces different effects. For example, pineapple gummies by Willo are available for day (Sativa) and for night (Indica) use. Buudabomb Pineapple Thunder, in its turn, is great for any time of the day since it has relatively low (250mg per package) THC concentration. However, it still gets its job done and sets you off to tropical islands, giving you sweet summer vibes even in the darkest times.

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