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Juicy Jay's Rolling Papers

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About Juicy Jay's Rolling Papers

Juicy rolling papers have long become a part of a huge RYO (roll-your-own) community. These rolling papers are flavored rolling papers that have natural fruity tastes like apples, white grapes and much more. You can find any taste from berries to Birthday cake or even alcohol-inspired tastes such as Jamaican Rum in the market. However we sell two Juicy Jay’s juicy rolling papers: white grapes and greenleaf.

Both tastes are a great addition to your puff. They can not only make it sweeter or more refreshing but also enhance the taste of any canna strain. Juicy rolling papers create limitless possibilities for experiments with canna cigarette taste and are perfect for both those who have long been part of the cannabis community and complete beginners for whom the natural taste of the weed seems too harsh.

The one thing you should always remember when dealing with juicy rolling papers is that they are ULTRA THIN. You should be very careful while rolling the weed with them so as not to ruin your future cigarette. The positive side of this fact is that it makes juicy rolling papers even more eco friendly since they are made from natural ingredients only and their extra thickness makes them easier to biodegrade in soil.

What is more, Juicy Jay's rolling papers are famous for the fact that they are fully-flavored. This means that flavor is applied on the entire paper and not only on the gum line. We will be happy to deliver you these Juicy Jay’s Superline rolling papers as soon as possible to brighten up your roll-your-own routine.

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