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Juicy Hemp Wraps

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About Juicy Hemp Wraps

Hemp is one of the cannabis plant species and it can grow up to 6 ft tall with its slender stalks topped with dense clusters of small leaves and single flowers. The plant produces a small amount of essential oils and they have a very strong flavor that’s not very appealing to the average person. That being said, hemp has an incredibly versatile and powerful medicinal quality. And that’s why it’s used in various forms throughout the world.

Traditionally, hemp is grown to produce fabric, paper, and even food products like hemp seeds and hemp milk. We sell juicy hemp wraps of the highest quality. They are made from 100% natural hemp and use special triple-dip technology to deliver an unquestionably smooth and tasty experience.

Triple dipped flavoring system used in juicy hemp wraps production means that natural hemp paper is being dipped 3 times in flavor and then it soaks for more than a week. When it is made this way, it ensures smooth and slow burning full of mouthwatering taste. Unlike other wrapping papers, juicy hemp wraps are full of taste since flavor is applied on the entire paper.

Another advantage of juicy hemp wraps is that their package is resealable. This ensures freshness of each puff. Juicy hemp wraps are nicotine and tobacco free, yet, they can be used to wrap not only weed but tobacco too. They are also eco and vegan friendly.

These weed wraps give you everything you need without any extra baggage or risk since they're made from 100% organic ingredients. We ensure to deliver them right to you anywhere in Canada in no time.

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