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Hemp Wraps

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About Hemp Wraps

Hemp wraps are a natural way to consume cannabis. These hemp wraps are made with natural 100% hemp paper and contain no chemicals, nicotine or other additives. They come in various sizes to fit any smoker’s needs and can be rolled up with anything you like inside.

You should make sure to use a high quality hemp paper wrap as cheap wrap tends to absorb the smell of your weed more than high-quality wraps. This can lead to a very pungent and chemical-like smell that is not pleasant at all. Luckily for you, we sell top quality Juicy Jay's hemp wraps available in 6 flavors. Enjoy delicious strain taste along with tropical, fruity or berries notes produced by Juicy Jay's hemp wraps.

When rolling your wrap make sure you use enough leaf material so that you have enough to cover the weed, but don’t overdo it. Overstuffing your wrap with weed can lead to combustion and possible loss of THC, which will reduce its potency. You should also make sure that the weed is evenly spread out across the paper or a harsh taste will be evident when you inhale.

Hemp wraps are relatively easy to make despite the fact that they are usually thinner than regular wraps. The best time to use them is right before going to sleep as these wraps help you get the most out of your high by reducing harsh effects and decreasing paranoia. They also help relieve any anxiety and pain associated with heavy THC strains.

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