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Hammercraft Grinders

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About Hammercraft Grinders

Weed grinders are generally used to grind sticky weed buds into smaller particles so it will burn evenly and even taste better. The hammercraft grinder takes you to another level in the canna grinding field. It is not the cheapest option in the market yet it is absolutely justified by its premium quality.

The hammercraft grinder is made from aircraft grade aluminum rod using the newest in CNC machining technology. This aluminum is additionally anodized to protect your hammercraft grinder from scratches and fast wear off. The blades are razor sharp for extreme efficiency and easy grinding with every turn.

Hammercraft grinders contain 2 or 4 pieces, yet in both cases scraper and other cleaning tools are included. Their grinders are always made from medical-grade stainless steel that makes them last if not forever but for an extremely long time. Each model has a strong magnetic closure lid or magnetic middle to keep your weed dry and safe.

The company behind the hammercraft grinder is very dedicated to maintaining high standards in their craft while keeping a reasonable pricing. They keep looking for ways to improve their grinders and deliver the most efficient products on the current market.

Regular grinders tend to get clogged when you put in more weed than usual. Furthermore, you often need to replace these grinders every 3 months or so as they wear off quickly. The hammercraft grinder will last you a lifetime, as well as provide you with a consistent and quality performance.

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