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Flavored Rolling Papers

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About Flavored Rolling Papers

Flavored rolling papers appeared in the market long ago, but gained the popularity they deserve recently. They can be an indispensable supplement for your little smoke break since their amazing juicy taste along with the taste of cannabis itself create limitless possibilities for exploring.

When it comes to flavored rolling papers there is more than meets the eye. It is not only about various flavors but also about the technology of their application. In general, there are two types of flavored rolling papers: the one in which the taste is concentrated on the gum line and the other type where the taste is on the entire paper.

In our shop you can find two flavors: greenleaf and white grape. Both flavored rolling papers are produced by one of the best companies in the market — Juicy Jay’s. Roll-your-own society firstly broke in two parts. Some say that flavored rolling papers ruin original canna taste and some are sure that they only make it better. You can try one of the flavors we sell and pick your side.

Greenleaf is perfect for those who are tired of sweet tastes and don't want anything candy . It gives you a gentle refreshing and natural aftertaste. If you have a sweet tooth then white grape taste is your choice! Rich delicious scents will definitely make your nose and tongue happier.

From our side we guarantee fast and accurate delivery right to your door anywhere in Canada, so you can start mixing flavorful and juicy rolling papers with various strains ASAP.

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