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Bong Cleaners

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About Bong Cleaners

There is no worse thing than a dirty bong. It can completely ruin even AAAA grade canna by its awful smell and ugly appearance. However, canna lovers have come up with a solution long ago. The bong cleaner is the future. These helpful liquids come in all designs and sizes: eco-friendly, ideal for reusing, based on natural or artificial ingredients and much more.

In our shop you can find trendy bong cleaners produced by Orange Chronic. Super Hero Cleaner and Pipe/Bong Cleaner became the golden classics. They require no tiring scrubbing — all you have to do is to pour them in your bong and wait for a couple of minutes. Then shake for another minute, rinse with hot water and voila! Pour, wait, shake, rinse = shiny glass, like new.

The use of bong cleaners is not a whim, it is a vital necessity. Bong cleaner not only guards the taste of your marijuanna but also prevents the growth of bacteria to keep you healthy. Orange Chronic bong cleaner has a powerful effect that requires no effort and reasonable pricing which makes it one of the best offers in the market.

Orange Chronic bong cleaner is produced from natural ingredients and this makes it gentle for the environment. Pipe/Bong Cleaner is safe for all glass, pyrex, silicon hoohah and ceramic, while Super Hero Cleaner is better to be used with all water and glass pipes. Both produce immediate results and have no aftertaste or smell, only gentle scent of freshness.

Orange Chronic Super Hero Cleaner bong cleaner or Pipe/Bong Cleaner can be delivered to you in the shortest time possible anywhere in Canada. We have tempting delivery terms and various sales — all to leave you completely satisfied.

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