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Premium THC Shatter by Willo



1g of the lightest, clearest shatter you’ll find. Enjoy in one/all of the following ways:


– Sprinkle on a smoothie
– Add to a joint
– Vaporize using a dab rig or vape pen
– Incorporate in edibles (brownies, cookies, etc.)


This product is safe, but extremely potent. First time users are advised to begin with a small amount and wait for effects before slowly increasing dosage.

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Available Strains:


Pink Goo - Indica - 62% THC

Pink Pablo - Indica - 60% THC

Pink Wagyu - Indica - 61% THC

Grape Gas - Hybrid - 68% THC

Greasy Runtz - Hybrid - 71% THC

Apes in Space - Sativa - 64% THC

Wild Sherbet - Sativa - 69% THC

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